Sunday, September 15, 2019

It's a Big Deal - For My Son Logan

I get frustrated with myself sometimes. Today was a huge example of that. My son, Logan, was attending a Men's weekend and people were given the opportunity to send him letters of encouragement. I said I would. and I was excited to do so, and then I forgot and dropped the ball. No excuses - I just blew it. I hate that part of me. I sent you a text to apologize, and you forgave me. You told me it was no big deal. I took a minute to let that sink in and now I'm going to do what I should have done when given the opportunity.

You have become a great guy in spite of me sometimes. I mean, we are so much alike and you and I have both been reminded of that for good and bad reasons. I am pretty sure that you have heard, "You're just like your Dad" many times. Depending on how those words came out of their mouth, you might have wondered if that was a good thing. What I know is, You have made assets out of so many of those qualities when I wasn't as good at it. You do a really good job of playing the hand you are dealt. Our similarities just seem to look better on you.

You're quick to forgive. I know that doesn't always mean forgetting is going to happen, and I
understand that well. However, there is a grace in which you extend in your genuineness and that has always been something  I admire about you. I haven't always been there for you in the way you probably needed sometimes, but you have done a great job with making our time current when we are together. You work hard to put things in the past where they belong and live for today. That's a special quality not very many folks have the ability to do. What an amazing gift to have and develop.

 We laugh a lot together! Whether it's playing video games together, or disc golf, or just hanging out, the moments are never dull.  I love how you use humor to deflect sometimes as well through an uncomfortable situation. I appreciate the way that you keep things in perspective. You slip through awkwardness with a smile, and I hope that is a quality you will never lose. It has a way of making folks feel comfortable. You make me laugh. I genuinely enjoy being with you. I find that I feel proud when I watch you interact with folks when we are together. You make impressions on the hearts of people who know you. You have a gift for that. You're accepting of my girl and my friends, and I know they love being around you.

Ultimately, I want you to know that I am so proud to see how far you have come and I am glad to see the guy that God has made of you. I am excited to see what the future holds. Please know that as long as there is breath in my body you will always be a big deal to me. I will always have time for you.

I'm a huge fan of yours (and now in my mind, I am hearing you turning that into a weight crack). I always have been. I know that when the game of life gets tough you will find a way to weave through the defense to finish strong. Be aware of the team you are building around you. Guard your heart and make sure they will guard it as well. Lean on those folks and don't keep it all inside. Pass the rock, Logan. Trust your team. We got you!

Don't ever forget that I am here if you need me and I will always be thinking of you!  I love you son.