Sunday, June 12, 2016

My It Girl

Sometimes folks get lucky and find the person that works for them right out of the gate in life. Then there are others that need to take a more circuitous approach to finding that person that becomes their lifetime partner in crime in my case it has certainly been the latter.

We envy some folks because for them a relationship seems so easy and it isn't something they seem to have to work at. Then again I have always been told that the most worthwhile things are things you need to work for.

I want to talk about the person in my life that I have come to be more inspired by every single day I am with her.I have honestly never met anyone that I have felt has made more of a success of her life. She has held a work position where she has been for quite a long time and is respected by her peers and supervisors alike. She has two boys that are quite successful in their own right that have a great mom to draw an example from. People look up to this woman and enjoy being around her because she is just generally a good person.

We met under some of the most random of circumstances and I am so glad we did. I came out of a relationship that was quite unhealthy and I brought out of that some baggage the American Tourister Gorilla couldn't have broken. However, this lady has a way of opening each of those bags with me and has helped me to sort through the mess of my past without judging me for who I am. In turn, it has really made me realize how incomplete I feel without her. I also know that being with someone like Kat makes me want to be a better person. She has really raised the bar in my life even if she wouldn't admit to the fact that she has.

You see, it takes a very patient person to deal with me, and I feel like God put us together at exactly the right time in life. I am learning more and more what life and love looks like as we do these things together.  After my last marriage failed I pretty much walked away from all things that would be considered organized religion. While I know God exists I realize also that there are some humans that hide behind the shield of faith only to use it to hurl spears of judgement and hate at others. But then God slips Kat into my life and shows me a completely different side of his love while I never stepped foot in a church. She is probably one of the best representations of His love that I have ever felt and it's beautiful. She helps me fight for a relationship with my kids because she knows how important it is to have a good Dad in their lives. She has helped raise two good young men and I am so happy to have her example  around my kids when that opportunity arises.

Kat, I love your heart, and I love the way you are with me. I look forward to seeing how this story develops as time passes .I love you and I am continually inspired. You tell me all the time that you aren't perfect, but you are perfect for me.

"In this world where nothing else is true. Here I am still tangled up in you."  I am really enjoying this entanglement. Thank you.