Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Chuck - My Inspiration from His Birth

Many of you know my son, Chuck, and if you don't, you have probably heard me tell many stories about him. This kid has a heart for people that you would not belioeve. He amazes me everyday. From the time he was borm he was special, and he makes me so proud  be his dad. God has blessed him so richly.

I remember Chuck in very early grade school doing things to raise money for kids hospitals because he wanted to be a part of helping kidfs.

Now I am asking for a little help om his behalf. I saw this concept on a car website where people can sponsor different parts of a car so that no one is footing the bill for the whole thing. Well, Chuck has a surgery coming up and for reasons I may have detailed prioe to this post to you on one of the Social Networks I am a part of I am unable to help with all of these needs. Chuck has a major Palate repair and modification surgery coming up June 7th and there are some things he has to have for his post surgery and recovery procxess.

I couldn't figure out where the money would come from and I have been praying and thinking about it since I got the call from my Ex Wife and then after talking to DFS I found out the money I sent for these expenses was sent somewhere else by mistake. That isn't Chuck's fault though and so I am going to ask for help on his behalf. This really embarrassews me to ask because a dad should be prepared for everything but this was put on my heart so I am doing what I feel is what I am supposed to. I am going to place a list down here of necessities for him and I am hoping maybe some of my friends and family might be able to purchaser something to sponsor him in this process. I wish I had the funds, but I can't let my pride stand in the way of asking for help. If God moves you to help please Facebook me and I will let you know if the item has been purchased for him yet. This needs to happen sooner than later, and so if you have questions please let me know. All of this is on and the links are provided. I will leave the notes that were left for me so that we are able to get him sizes and quantities that he needs.

I suppose that I sound a little bit desperate here, but I am at a bit of a loss for what else to do. I know I have been told before and ignored it that if I need something just ask. Well, I don't need this but Chuck does. All of these things need to be mailed to this address as soon as possible. It all really needs to ship before June 3rd.

In advance, I appreciate your help. If you can't help with supplies; please pray for Chuck's surgery on the 7th of June. I just don't want Chuck to suffer because I am not in a place to send any additional help. If you have questions please contact me via phone or text at 417-5936224 or email
God Bless you all

Follow up..

Chuck has many items coming his way because of Friends, Former Co-Workers and Family. I appreciate everything that everyone did to help my son through all of this.  I have four of the most amazing boys ever and I am so very proud of them,. I  also have friends and family who don't see me for who I am, they see me for what I can be.

Chuck continues to be my Inspiration as he grows and shows more amazing qualities everyday. Kids got an amazing heart!

I love you all, and I pray for blessing on all our lives.

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  1. I am pulling things off the list as I am told they were purchased. Please email me if you have any questions